Geneva’s political institutions

  • An accessible, illustrated introduction to Geneva and its unique characteristics
  • Designed for both those new to Geneva as well as anyone seeking to finally understand direct democracy and political parties
  • With delightful cartoons by famed Swiss cartoonist Mix & Remix

This handbook offers a complete and comprehensible overview of the political institutions in the canton of Geneva. The Grand Council (parliament), the Cantonal government, the judiciary, the councils and committees of Geneva’s 45 municipalities, as well as those concerned with maintaining neighbourly relations with France, all strive to ensure that everything in this two-hundred-year-old canton runs smoothly.

This manual reveals the subject matter from a different angle, in a clear and simple style far from the solemnity the subject might imply. Mix & Remix’ tongue-in-cheek illustrations complement the information, put it in perspective and make Geneva’s political institutions a pleasure to read.

Showing interest in your canton, its history and how its institutions are run is a way of empowering you to become involved in its development and in the decisions that will shape its future.

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16,5 x 27,5
Nombre de pages
Tout public
The canton at a glance

A brief history of the canton
A city is born
The Church and the citizens
Towards revolutions
A canton is born
Radicalism triumphs
‘Red’ Geneva
Stability and openness
In our time

A federated state
The Constitution of Geneva
Relations beyond the canton

Political rights
Tools for democracy
Electoral systems
Citizens’ initiatives
Political parties
Party strength
Pressure groups

The legislature
Members of the Grand Council
Organisation of the Grand Council
The Grand Council’s duties

The executive
Organisation of the Cantonal government
The Cantonal government’s duties
Departments and administration

The judiciary
Organisation of the judiciary
Public Prosecution
Duties of the courts of law

The municipalities
Municipalities in the canton of Geneva
Municipal authorities
The City of Geneva
Relations with the canton

Greater Geneva
The Greater Geneva territory
Cross-border cooperation
Challenges and limitations


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