Zermatt: An Ocean Safari

A Hike from Gornergrat to Riffelberg
  • An itinerary on the trails of Zermatt
  • Geology put into practice
  • With many photos and illustrations

The story of the Earth is etched in its landscapes. This geological guidebook seeks to tell this story to all mountain, nature and hiking enthusiasts. By making geology accessible, Michel Marthaler, author of the bestselling The African Matterhorn: An Outstanding Geological Story, and Micha Schlup once again translate the silent language of rocks with keys to unlock the secrets within mountain faces.

All along the itinerary, from the spectacular Gornergrat ridge to the captivating Riffelsee and on to Riffelberg, this guidebook explores odd colourful rocks, solves geological mysteries, and tells the stories of breathtaking panoramas. In a twofold quest spanning the present and the past of our enthralling blue planet, let us embark on a journey across the Tethys Ocean, which left its mark in the rocks of Gornergrat and Zermatt.

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13,5 x 21
Nombre de pages
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Stops of the itinerary
A spectacular continental and oceanic view
Laminated rock bands
Odd yellow rocks riddled with holes : cornieules
Rivers rising on Pangaea
From the sands of Pangaea to Zermatt’s rooftops
An extravaganza of marble folds
A dive into oceanic sediments
A mantle under the Tethys
The tale of an African giant
In the bowels of oceans
Whaleback and calf
View of a river of ice
Crumpled serpentinites and soapstone
Requiem for a glacier
Pillows on the Tethys bed
A pile-up of paleoenvironments

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